Everyone Has a Witty Quote

Have you ever sat there, said something witty and looked back on it, whether it was a text, email or verbal phrase and are like “Damn!, I need to copyright that! That looks like something you would see on a motivational quote or something!”

If you are sitting there saying no, I am sorry, because I feel most people have whether they want to admit it or not. I feel this is a sign of being proud of something you actually said, and most likely without thinking. Anyways, The reason for this entry today is because I want to start sharing them with people when I do say something like this. Now, this does not happen often but I don’t want it to fly away from me forever and never remember it again. I am sure you all understand this feeling, otherwise you would not be a blogger. Nonetheless, this is what I said earlier today and you can take it for gloating, wise, witty, or whatever. I really do not care so much as I wanted to save it for my own personal thoughts and to share it with the people that could use it in their future.

“Knowing someone with Knowledge shows a sign of their success. Without the ability to listen to it as advice, one will have troubles finding their own success in the future.”


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