Back and Forth

So, earlier this week I quit my job at Protection 1. I was having some major trust issues with the people above me and whomever I talked to, it would just get pushed aside. Somethings are left unmentioned but when I sense unethical, you might as well watch me leave.

I had three successful interviews this week with government jobs. The first two where with Oregon Department of Human Services as a Child Protective Services Case Worker. The other was working for a government work release facility about an hour drive from my house, which is not to bad for Portland. All these, being since they are government, will take some time for the hiring process and I need a job now.

I know I quit ADT a few months ago because of their hours I was required to work. The thing I left behind was making a ton of money that I was expecting to make over at Protection 1, but that was not the case. The month of February alone, I made more money at ADT then I did the entire four months at Protection 1. So that being said, for the time being, I am going back to ADT and resume where I left off to see if I can get back on my feet again and start making money all over again.

This does not mean I will be there forever though. If I get one of these jobs that I interviewed for, you can bet that I will be jumping ship once more. The down side with those jobs and this blog is that I won’t be able to talk about my job in detail like I do on here when a part of sales.

I just got a text from the new manager over at ADT, whom I never worked with but he is a Marine as well, and he said that the Regional General Manager (RGM) at corporate wanted to talk to me on Tuesday. When I departed last time, our conversation was short and sweet and a little sour. Needless to say, I am interested to see what this meeting will be about. I know when I departed I was asking to run the team as the manager was leaving but apparently the hiring for this current manager (the other marine) was already complete. Who knows, maybe it is nothing or maybe it is just to welcome me back, for the time being.

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