A Wish from a Family Member

I have been sitting at home the last few days doing research and trying to find some information for Olivia’s Grandfather. He is 84 years old and when he was my age, he worked for LAPD and was awarded the Medal of Valor. Now he can not find this Medal anywhere and has not seen it in decades. What Olivia and I are trying to put together is a memory box for him. I have found a few news articles on the presentation of the medal from 1958 but am finding nothing else. I am writing this today to see if any of my readers have any suggestions. I can not even find what the Medal of Valor looked liked back then. I also found out that it was recorded on Fox 11 news of LA, KTTV (I believe it is called) but sadly, reaching out to these media recording companies, everyone says nothing was saved from back then. I find that kind of hard to believe, as everything seemed to be saved somewhere but maybe not for the public. Like I said earlier, I am sitting here writing you today to see if any of you readers know anything or can assist on finding information. I have exhausted all my resources but I am sure there is resources that others have. Below I will add in his information that I have been using to search under so that if anyone with a kind heart wants to help out, that would be marvelous.

His name is Richard O. Beauchaine and he was awarded the Medal of Valor on Nov 27 1958 by the LAPD. I have found news articles from Van Nuys News and LaTimes. Both these articles are amazing to read as even the LaTimes tells us why he was awarded it. I have even sent out an email to LAPD to see if there is anything that they can do and after waiting a few days now, have not received any response.

We want to do this for him as a gift and something that he would never see coming. I hope I can get some help out of writing this entry but only time will tell. Thank you again for all my readers and I look forward to reading your responses.

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31 thoughts on “A Wish from a Family Member”

      1. I’ve done stuff like this before. The idea is to spread your questions everywhere in hopes someone will step up to help. Try facebook too. The LAPD facebook page maybe.

      2. It’s kinda part of my job to research people online. There’s always a way if you just keep at it.

      3. Went through those and only way they take an admissions for help on these type if it is in direct assistance to the city of LA or the citizens. We do not live there and he has not for decades.

      4. sooo then facebook your way to a citizen who’s willing to help 🙂 good luck

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