Change is not a bad thing

I am still pondering on what I want to do when it comes to my future. I know that I have organized a few interviews for this coming week that would fall under my current bachelor’s degree. One is a government funded work release facility that is basically a stepping stone into the probation field. The other two are child protective service workers. All these would be difficult careers to be in, that’s for certain. All I know is that when I worked in the drug rehab field a few years ago, it was not as bad as one would think and I actually miss it and all the clients that were a part of it. These three positions are all working with criminals and offenders of all sorts and if they lead to a probation career, or maybe further with Oregon DHS, then I am interested to say the least.

I am not writing off the journalism idea, pun intended, but am leaning towards doing a job shadow with a few people in the field, to get a taste of the environment and the work life. This is so I can make sure that it is exactly what I want to do. I really think I would enjoy this field as I have always been a story teller and that is exactly what this type of job would be. I mean, come on, I wouldn’t be writing this right now if I didn’t enjoy story telling and writing.

I am also looking into other sales careers but have yet to find something that is right down my alley. I did just get off the phone with the trailblazers HR manager and he was telling me the kind of entry level positions that they do offer, when they have openings that is. This type of field wouldn’t be bad as the basketball team has always been a passion for me, but then again, I’d be stuck in sales once more.

As I sit back and continue to write out this entry, it really makes me think more and more into the journalism and mass communications field. I never was someone that enjoyed listening to the media because they always left out our hero’s in the military, but when you think about it, the stuff that sells mostly is the bad news, sad but true. That is how today’s society is these days and maybe this is going to be my way of change to society. Who knows, but I look forward to doing any job shadows that I get over the next few weeks.

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5 thoughts on “Change is not a bad thing”

  1. Godspeed on your job/career search, hope you find something that not only pays well but something you can be happy doing so you can thrive in it and prosper! πŸ™‚

  2. This is so easy to say, and so much harder to believe when you’re the one doing the hard work of job-searching, but it sounds like you have some GREAT potential here, and any one of the jobs you described could lead even more rewarding opportunities. I’m hoping the work you do could combine with your writing skills — you’d be working with people who have powerful stories to tell. Maybe you end up writing about them, or for them. Anyway, I look forward to reading more about your journey.

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