The struggle

Work, what is there to say about work that is not said all the time? Mine in particular is a rough job. If any of who follow my posts that are very sporadic, would first know over the last year it has been very rough. From one sales job to another, hitting the ground walking door to door to try to talk people into switching companies. Each day I go out and hit roughly 100 doors, or try doing so. I make 4-5 sales a month doing this and no leads come my way. So let’s do the math here…

·         100 doors a day x 5 days a week = 500 doors
·         5000 door a week x 4 weeks a month = 2000 doors
·         2000 doors divided by 5 sales a month = 400 doors to one sale

When doing the math here, that is a lot of walking to get one sale and typically these sales pay a few hundred bucks on a good day. Now every three months I do drag in an elephant of a sale that brings in more than expected to screw the average sale income.

After breaking down what I make over the last few months and including my base, I am making about $14.00 an hour to literally walk miles upon miles, tack on mass amount of stress due to rejections, and getting frowned at by the company because you are not hitting quota.

I ask myself this questions daily, is it worth it for the pay that I get? Well the answer is “I do not know but I am still here so what am I doing about it?” I need to either find another source of income of figure out what I am doing wrong to help close deals. I have read sales books, listened to audio books from even the great Zig Ziglar, but is it really helping?

Over the next month I am going to be evaluating my decision to remain in sales or not. I cannot keep doing this to myself nor my family with the lack of income. This job brings in too much stress for the little pay. I would not mind if it was around $20.00 an hour but that is going to take some improvement. If things do not change over the next month, then a change will be required. Where that takes me, who knows but most likely back into the field I went to school for, Criminology and Criminal Justice. I got a bachelor’s degree a few years ago in this field and it has done little to squat for me. A job in Seattle as a burger flipper for McDonalds makes more than I do, which really pisses me off. I had a job offer a month ago from a public transportation company until they found out I have 3 car accidents in last 5 years, at which none was I deemed 100% at fault. They didn’t care, so they moved on from me to the next candidate.

Well, we will see how this next month goes, and I vow to get out there and push the hardest. I really do enjoy sales as I feel I am pretty good at it but as an individual, I got to ask myself, “Is it worth it?” Over the next month this will be decided and change will be made if needed.


18 thoughts on “The struggle”

    1. Only a few things I could say here: The more time you do it, the better at it you will become. If you truly love what you are doing, then the how to do it profitably will present itself. Finally, remember that the most valuable thing you can give your kids is your time. Everything else is mostly luxury.

  1. Tough decisions for sure. i retrained as well as a teacher, I cant work full time due to injury at the moment but i make about 60.00 and hour as a substitute teacher (around 45.00 us,) beats beating shoe leather for sure but it is a pretty tough job all the same, Kia Kaha my friend..

  2. A few recommendations- If you can knock on doors, you can pick up a phone, if you can pickup a phone you can knock on doors. I would suggest looking into an inside sales positions. In these positions, metrics matter and if you can knock on 2000 doors a month via the phone I would suggest that the hourly rate of 14hr would become closer to 30hr within 5-6 months. not sure where you live, but most major cities are experiencing a tech boom and that means hiring. Take a look at some local Hi Tech recruiting firms and I guarantee you will make 30k base with a solid upside.

  3. I can relate…been there, done that. When I had my mid-life crisis at 26, I hit the wall, where you are now. From that moment on, I underwent major self-analysis (working on finishing up that book-the steps that I went through in order to discover the path to following my dreams). Once I got through that phase, I committed to my 5 year plan. I’m halfway in, and starting to see a glimpse of a better future. Soul searching is necessary, and the time has come (from what I read) to make a change. Best of luck to you and your endeavors. It’s a tough road! But, one day, you will appreciate the change. My computer degree hasn’t helped me either…

  4. At least you’re pretty honest about the situation. Of course, it might be YOU! Or the way you go about your business, but then again it might not! It might be the product you are selling; the company you are representing or even the timing for this particular product?

    The first thing you ought to examine is the sales of everybody else! Does everybody else sell more than you? If not, it’s probably nothing you do or say? It’s more likely related to the product/service/company or simply timing! Personally I’ve been working sales/marketing for a good 42 years (now well retired), but I can still remember having these probles as described for the first couple of years.
    It’s no fun! The best advise I can give you (not knowing what you’re pushing),please try to switch places with the guy in the doorway. How would you react if somebody knocked on you door one evening? Remember, you’re probably never ever arriving at a suitable time! That’s why you have about 30 seconds to catch this guys interest. What are you saying? How can you – within 30 seconds – comvince this guy that it would really be in his interest to hear you out?
    30 seconds !!!

    1. Solid advice, thank you so much. I’m not usually trailing the leader boards when it comes to sales. I’m just not into it like I used to be. I’m liking into journalism like my most recent post but haven’t yet pulled the trigger on it. I’m getting leads left and right from pervious work, which is nice, I just don’t like the sales game anymore.

      1. I see! The frustration has taken hold? Have you given thought to the fact that life is more or less about selling? If you don’t sell an energy contract, a car, timeshare, insurance etc. you’ll be selling ideas, concepts, your personal opinions, thoughts It’s all about interactivity among people!
        Or you can take your place at a production line lifting 4 screws at a time the rest of the day, week, months, untill somebody claims you’re not keep up any more . . .
        What a waste!

        You have the capacity to work, the stamina to keep it up, and – perhaps your energy would be better used if you started to build something for yourself; something that would not only give you substatially more in the pocket that 10 bucks an hour; something that would inspire the people around you and give you standing in the community? Yes, such opportunities does exist, and people are practicing them every day all over the world.

        I know, because I was once a part of this enterprise as well. A couple of my friends still are, and they’ve been at it for the last 25 years. Today they travel all over the world and have an income
        of approximately US$ 38-40 000/month. And yes, they are selling – ideas! With the correct guidance
        you can too . . .
        But it’s no walk in the park! Prepare for a 16 hr day!!!

  5. cheers, I came here to thank you for liking my post, but stayed because of your thoughtful article. best of luck

  6. Good luck! I hope you are happy with your decision and if not, it’s not your last decision. You never know where your path will lead. Thanks for clicking by 🙂

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