Last week I did it. I asked the question and she said yes. Thanks to a friend of ours, she planned a double date so Olivia didn’t know what was coming. We went out to a local winery and it all took place there on a distant bridge in the middle of the vineyard.


We haven’t decided on a day yet but that’ll come in time. All we know is it’ll be next year in the late summer or fall.

The story behind this can be read through previous posts. Just a quick run down though, she knew this was coming as we designed the ring together so I had to plan discreetly so that she wouldn’t expect it coming. Needless to say, she was surprised and it was a success.


8 thoughts on “Engagement”

  1. You actually got down on one knee! My husband just handed me the box and walked out of our apartment. Ended up failing the physics test I had the next day! He kinda forgot I was still in college and had to study. Was too excited to look at my books after he gave that to me.
    Jeanette Hall

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