Two Kids Plus Dad

Today is a day where Olivia had many things to do and it’s just me and the kids. Andrew has karate in about an hour and then we are just going to hang out. The hard part though is going to be the laid back day. Andrew has to constantly be simulated or he runs a muck. Today will be the test to see what he can do when everything is not his way and we do other things. Usually we have karate and counseling (for Andrew to learn to cope with his hyper activity), but today no counseling. Instead of going to counseling, there will be pictures for karate later, so two trips to karate today. Should be interesting due to him not liking karate anymore. He’s got a month or so left and I’ve told him he’s got to finish strong then he can do something else. I asked him what he wants to do and he said basketball and soccer. I knew about soccer but didn’t know he liked basketball so much, like me! I’ve noticed over the last few weeks that he’s been asking,  is basketball on (the radio), every time we get in the car. That’s what he rather listen to over music. I was disappointed at first he wanted to quit karate because I thought he just wanted to play video games but when he said he wants to do other sports, I was stoked! Now to just find him leagues that will accept him for his living situations (two different homes). I’ll be looking to see what I can find over the next few weeks!



9 thoughts on “Two Kids Plus Dad”

  1. I’m a foster mom and our foster kids often have funky living situations. Our current kids claim four “home” addresses, which all happen to be in different towns: mom’s address, dad’s house, foster parent’s house (an hour away), and the home of biological siblings who live in a different foster home. But I haven’t run into problems with sports enrollment. Does that apply to only certain sports? Or to kids of a certain age?

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I enjoy peaking into your life. May I suggest, if you haven’t already done so, to think about removing sugar from your hyperactive son’s diet. My friend’s son had all sorts of behavioural problems and his teachers were even trying to get him on Ritalin, which my friend refused. When she took the sugar out of his diet, presto, brand new son. 🙂

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