Busy last thirty days

Total of 10 different flights and a total of three round trips. Finally all completed. The first two were personal and the most recent one, returned Wednesday night,  was work related. I sit in silence every night wondering if a sales career is were I’m destined to be. When I was working at ADT, I’d say no. Now that I moved on from that micromanaged atmosphere. Being at Protection 1, still selling security,  the atmosphere has a personality of its own,  people are easier to work with,  and the job is easier. Yes I compete with my old company,  the largest security company that everyone knows,  but that’s the challenge I’m willing to accept. I scored my first real sale with them yesterday and I’ll hopefully get a few more next week. Benefits are nicer,  pay is better,  quota is lower,  and much more. What else could someone want? No that’s not the real reasons but those are nice. My personality,  for those who know me,  I am quite honest. I couldn’t bear telling people,  my customers,  that the customer service was awful. With Protection 1, you’ll get that real life person within 10 seconds and can get me in thirty by a transfer. That’s the big reason. That’s enough about work though,  going to start writing another one about my other life.


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