First Quarter of 2015

This year has been nothing short of interesting. I’m still currently at ADT selling security systems. I started this job back in August of 2014 and began selling in October. From that point on I hit the ground running. Sold 19 units my first month and stayed that way through the remainder the year. January was a slow month as I only put up ten sales. Even though it was slow, I still put up the best numbers for the office, as I have done since I started selling. When February came around, I started realizing that I was going to be flying two separate times in March for personal reasons, and that I needed to pick up my progress so I could afford the air fares. The month of February made me realize one thing, you have to work hard to get what you want and nonetheless, that’s what I did. I sold 25 units that month but at the cost of missing valuable family time and free time. I made what I needed to pay for the trips without a problem but also made me start looking for other career choices in life. I have been looking for other sales careers that would not require so many hours and still pay the same amount. I believe that I may have found one but at the cost of leaving a successful position in the company of ADT. I have still yet to make my final decision at which will be made within the next eight days. Currently I’m working roughly seventy hours a week doing what I am doing and this potential career change would reduce that to forty and be equal to or greater pay. It also offers a base pay so that bad weeks will stay have some sort of pay. It’s hard to say no to such a job offer but with the hours reduced, it only makes me think, less hours to sell and meet with customers. The difference would instead of selling to homes and residences, it would be selling to business and their owners instead. Like I said, the decision will be made over the next eight days and great thought will be put into making this decision.
The month is March is now here and we are in our first trip, which is to San Luis Obispo for a probate hearing. Obviously we will be spending our fair share of time at the beach and enjoying the sunshine while we can. After this trip, when we return Saturday evening, a week and a half later I’ll be back on a plane headed to El Paso Texas for the national bowling tournament with my Marine Corps team that I bowled with in the military. We do this once a year and it’s never short of fun to be able to see old friends. Last year I didn’t do so well but this year I think will be much better. If this other career path goes as planned, I’ll again be on another trip to Texas later this month as well, towards the end, for training. Twelve total flights is expected this month and I just finished landing the first.
Family has been great though. Andrew turns five this summer and has been participating in karate and been doing relatively well most days. They participate in front of a mirror and he finds himself making faces in that mirror everyday which causes him to lose track of what he’s supposed to be doing. Abby turned two in January and she continues to grow faster then ever. She’s beginning to learn and use his words. Coming with that is obvious a little sass and attitude.


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