El Paso, Texas

The location of the U.S Open this year for bowling. Not much of a town compared to recent locations but a nice town right on the Mexican boarder. This year was nonetheless an uneventful one for myself but a decent one for a few teammates of mine. This year I discovered a hip injury during my sessions of bowling that I didn’t realize I had, something worth checking out when I get home. I recall slipping a few weeks ago and landing on this hip but thinking nothing of it. Apparently from the pain I experienced, that is not the case here. We all bowled a team event (five person teams), doubles, and singles. Five person team event we currently place at 47th, which will probably be enough to win some money back but unsure how much until the results come out in the end of summer. Next year will be my year for revenge when we go back to Reno in June/July.
The most important part about this trip was that I got to again see friends from the military when I was stationed in Hawaii. We had a total of five teams there all competing to try to win something but mostly spending time with everyone else.
It’s always sad to go back go or separate lives again after we all hit the airport but at the same time, I miss my family back at home greatly. Like I said in my previous post, Andrew is working hard on getting his belt in karate and the latest update is that he graduated and advanced belts. Unfortunately I could not attend his graduation but I was there in spirit and got to see done amazing pictures and videos of how excited he was to accomplish his very first award for his dedication. I could not be any prouder of my young man as he continues to grow in life with every day.


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