I’ve been out of the loop!

So much has been happening as of lately that I have had little to no time to blog. At first I was not missing it because it does take a good amount of time to do, but as time has gone by, I have realized that blogging gives me an entirely different perspective of my past, whether it is good or bad.

The last entry I did, it was mostly about my new job and being in the initial phase of a new career. I was very skeptical about going into a commission paying sales job which revolves on how well you do you job. Now that I am working on my fourth week of training, already have sold my first sale, and started to see the ups and downs of the job, I think that I have made the right decision in taking this position.

I originally went to school to get into law enforcement so that I can provide that safety and security to the community but it was not until the last month that I realized providing families with home security systems is exactly what that is! Yes, it will be tough from time to time making those sales but at the same time, there will be times where I am having a good stretch of success, and make up for it. I also didn’t realize how much training goes into a job like this. There is a lot of variety when it comes to the products as well as specific promos to remember that change regularly. Not only learning all the different kind of systems, but the add-ons that go with them and their prices. Another thing that we are learning is the proper sales pitch so that we stand out from every other alarm security company. There is just so much to remember and it really makes me understand why they say that six months is the average training time until someone is 100% comfortable with the job to be able to do it solo. The company even sends us to Florida/Dallas (one or the other) for a five day training spurt to help us learn sales at a different perspective. This is actually happening to me next week, and I am going to Jacksonville Florida.

On other news, besides the job, family life is going great but we are currently looking for apartments and I got to give credit to my girlfriend because while I am doing this, she continues to look around town for the best offers. We are hoping to only have to be in an apartment for a year where we can begin to look for a house but that is a decision that is to be made at a later date.

Over the last few weekends, we have done nothing but adventure, hikes, fairs, and anything that has been available to us in the local area. Two weekends ago, Olivia and I talked a hike known has Saddle Mountain, named by Louis and Clark because of the shape of it. The total hike was five miles and it was to the top of the mountain and back down. It was a climb of 1400 ft in elevation and had a rewarding view at the top where you could see the entire northwest Oregon coastal range. The next weekend, Labor Day, after the kids went back to their mom’s, Olivia and I took a break from home life and did a short mini trip up to the Lower Lewis River Falls which was not to far from our house. This was a beautiful waterfall that you could river walk up to the falls to about 30 feet from the actual fall where the water would get much deeper very rapidly. This made it perfect for those that are thrill seekers at which they could jump off it (47′ high). I am not the biggest thrill seeker, so this was not something I was even thinking about doing, but it was fun watching others do it (I put the video on Facebook blog page http://www.facebook.com/rc3.blog). The water also was a few degrees above freezing temperature which probably made the experience a lot worse then what it looked like. Then the most recent weekend, Olivia and I took the kids on a great adventure to a local Renaissance Fair. While we were there, we met up with some friends and walked around. I got the chance to try my skills in knife throwing at which I realized I may not be able to stick a knife but I will knock out the enemy int he process. After that we took all the kids to a children’s knighting event so that the kids can become knights of that realm. After that we continued to walk around a little where we got to watch Andrew sword fight an elf pirate(which is also on my Facebook page). This was what he would say was his most favorite part of the fair. The next event that we attended was something that we came for, and that was the the jousting tournament. Nothing gets better then seeing real people joust and get thrown from their horses. This was the most exciting thing and the event that everyone came to watch. The knight that was representing our seating area of fans won, which made us become the loudest.

This has been the excitement of our last month while working during the week. I plan to continue to get to blog as time becomes free from work and family. Thank you to everyone that continues to read and until next time! Again, make sure to check out my Facebook page for pictures and videos of my adventures.


12 thoughts on “I’ve been out of the loop!”

  1. Glad to hear that the new job is going well, and that you can squeeze in some fun free time. Enjoy Florida, although with our current great NW weather and late summer sun you might just miss Washington some :).

  2. I once purchased a home security system just so I knew if my teens were attempting to leave the house in the middle of the night. Just sayin’ – might be another way to pitch. 🙂

  3. I’ve had a security system for over 20 years. Being able to go to bed knowing that it will alarm and call the police if someone breaks in while I sleep is security that I have come to expect. I live in a great safe area, but things happen and I go to bed with peace of mind. One word of advice, my 20+ year old system had become outdated and broke down. I decided instead of fixing it I would get two bids to replace with an updated system I could monitor from my smart phone and add cameras. I got one from ADT and one from Cox. The ADT salesman never followed up, the prices were competitive (my old system was an ADT so I felt loyalty) but the Cox sales person did follow up. I ended up with a Cox system. Follow up with your prospects….always. At the days end send each one a personal handwritten note thanking them for their time, then make a phone call behind the note, this will almost always get you the deal. Make it a habit now to write those notes to each one at the end of every day and mail it, you have their address, then call. This will set you apart.

  4. A working mom of 3, I often struggle with “blog time”. But then I remember I’m doing this for for myself first, then to share with others. There are NO rules to blogging, having happy kids comes first! Living in the D.C. area we’re always running around with fun stuff to do. My youngest is 8 months, and hopefully by the end of today I’ll be able to post about his 6th month pictures! Keep enjoying life and I hope good luck continues with your new job!

  5. Hello, I wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the ‘One Lovely Blog’ award. You’re blog is fab :O) You don’t need to do the entry if you do not want to, but I wanted to nominate you all the same.

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