Just started my new job this past week as a sales rep for ADT! So far I’ve been learning a lot and can not wait to get out there to help provide security for those in need. I was shocked to learn the vast amount of devices that ADT offers to protect you and your family from anything!
If you live in the Oregon or southwest Washington area and you are interested, get in touch with me and let’s get something working for you! Every family has their own customized security system!
I’m excited to see where this new job leads me in the future and can not wait to go out and meet some great people and get them what they want.

Russell Cross III
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4 thoughts on “ADT”

  1. Congrats! Now go get ’em!
    Being in sales myself, it’s not the easiest job but it can be fun and can be very lucrative. I’ve learned to focus on what I like about each customer and it makes it more fun and a better experience. Also one must remember that the word “no” will come up often, don’t ever take that word personally. As I posted a couple weeks back the years that Mickey Mantle held the title for most runners batted in, he also had the record for the most strike outs. One must strike out in order to hit the home run.

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