Demo Derby & Zoo/Aquarium

This weekend was very exciting for the family. Friday night we decided to go check out the local fair in the late evening. Our main purpose for this trip was to check out the demolition derby that was taking place but we had no idea what this particular demo derby had in stock for us. There were three events taking place that night, first two events were the normal style of derby of cars crashing, parts flying, and loads of excitement. This was Andrews first time to this kind of event so he was not sure what to think of it at first until he say the other 5,000 people cheering when cars crashed together. The fun was just about to begin when they announced they were going to have an RV demolition derby. This is something that I have not even seen myself and it was so exciting to watch. One RV even turned itself into, what looked like, a flatbed trailer with just the cab remaining intact. I guess the best part of this style of entertainment was that my four year old got to scream at the top of his lungs to assist on wearing him out. After this was over, we went on to play a couple of those expensive games for those cheap prizes. The good part is that it was Andrew’s birthday money and I let him spend a small portion of it so that he could enjoy it and have fun. By the end of the night, he had won a few inflatable swords and we were sword fighting all the way to the car, while dodging horse manure on the walkways.

The next day, after we woke up and had breakfast, I asked Andrew what else he wanted to do for his birthday and gave him the option of driving the two hours to Tacoma Washington to check out the zoo and aquarium. He was not too thrilled about it at first until I told him that there was a beach right next to it that we could visit after we were done. The very first thing we did at the zoo, which was Andrew’s idea, was got his face painted (like a pirate). We continued on through the zoo checking out the animals from all over the world but the ones that Andrew would say stood out to him the most was the aquarium portion where they had ten foot sharks swimming around and the part where he got to ride a camel. This has actually been something I have always wanted to do. I have sat on one in the past but never got to ride one and when he told me that he wanted to go with me, it made it for an amazing experience. I sat on the front while he sat right behind me. Even though we were riding this camel, whose name was Hank, he still refused to pet his hump but did state that he had a great time. After we did the camel ride, we went to a show that was strictly based around geocaching and what it entailed. I was skeptical of this during the show and for the rest of the day but we did enjoy the show and got to see some very interesting animals perform for the crowd.

We continued to mingle around the zoo until it was close to closing time where we departed and drove around the corner to the beach. Sadly there was no sand on this beach but there was fine gravel and the kids got to play in the ice cold water. We remained there for about an hour and on the way back to the car, Andrew got a spike of courage and wanted to tackle a few 50-100 foot hills of sand. He decided to climb to the top of each hill, slid down on his bottom and got very dirty. At first I was not happy because I knew he had to get back in the car, but noticed the huge smile on his face and thought it was going to be fine, as long as he was having fun, wearing himself out, and making himself some great memories with his dad, Olivia, and his little sister.

Earlier, I said that I was skeptical of geocaching for the remained of the day because it was not until the next day that we gave it a try our self. Sadly Andrew was not present to experience it but it was fun to get to learn about it, test it out, and I am sure when we get to go with Andrew, he will love it! I would go more into detail about geocaching but I intend to write an entire entry about it so please stay tuned for that so that you can learn about it yourself and take your friends and family on this great experience.






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