Video uploads

Anyone else hate that you have to pay cash to upload videosm I got some good ones of my son trying to rap while playing in the sprinkler that I wanted to share, but I had to do it in my Facebook page. Check it out.


6 thoughts on “Video uploads”

  1. Thanks for liking my blog and for following. I glanced over your post day trip. I have to tell you, it’s good to see you place the value of time with your family that you do. I have two sons both grown and as a lot of fathers and some mothers . I didn’t get an opportunity to be in their life and share in the little things. One of my passions that drive me is helping dads create a lifestyle that puts family first. I look forward to reading more and sharing with you. You are a blessed man.

  2. I’ve avoided “paying” for my blog, as well. It may come to it someday, but not today. I’m in the process (literally, right now) of uploading videos into YouTube and attempting to embed the URL on my blog. I will let you know how it goes. At that point, it should be free, since I will be putting a linky into the blog (like linking back to a picture URL.

  3. Yes there is no charge for Imbedding a you tube URL so that’s how I’ve gotten them on mine so far. So now I ask, how do I follow your blog? I have that button on mine (I see you started doing this about a month before me) is there a way to follow that I’m not seeing here? Thanks!

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