Weight Loss Challenge

First off I would like to welcome anyone and everyone that wants to join. No prize but personal gratification, which should be enough. If it’s not, think about how much healthier you’d be.

Ok, so I’m currently 245 lbs and by looking at me, you couldn’t really tell I’m overweight, because of my height and size. I’ll be the first to tell you that I got 45 pounds to lose and I think a reward to myself will be another tattoo, which I’ve wanted for quite some time.

I’m going to do my best to start cutting out processed foods, drinking no more alcohol, and cut out sweets completely. I’m also going to do what I can when it comes to exercise but with my long commute, it’s tough (seventy minutes one way).

Anyone that is interested, please feel free to comment to let me know. It would be cool to start a group of people that is interested and get to hear each other’s stories.

If anyone has any success stories, please let me know because I like to think I know weight loss, but I don’t. It’s time for me to learn and get into shape again, even if it requires eating those gross things called vegetables.

I hope to get some competitors here, but really, we are competing with ourselves. Let’s show the world what we can do!


32 thoughts on “Weight Loss Challenge”

  1. My suggestion is clean eating!! Basically cutting out processed foods. My hubby and I did that and lost weight and size and were VERY happy! Hard at first but rewarding. Good luck!

  2. Good move, cutting the processed foods. There are more hidden dangers to weight loss in there than just sodium content and calories! Make the goals realistic. I am already on a health and wellness challenge that includes weight loss. I need to lose about 80 to 90 pounds, total. I had lost 8, regained 5… I am NOT giving up, because it isn’t just about weight… it’s about BP and sugar levels too

  3. Start your day with lukewarm water with lime and honey. Cut down on packaged and processed food. Cut down on carbs and you will be good to go! Good luck

  4. Crockpot. Fresh meats and vegetables. Put a stew or soup together tonight and leave in the refrigerator. In the morning, take it out and turn it on. When you come home from work, it’ll smell GREAT! No bread, no sweets, etc. When recipes ask for salt, add none. Canned vegetables, ie. peas, beans, contain salt. In spades for tomato sauce abnd paste. Use pepper instead; it’ll combine flavors much as salt does. Breakfast: oatmeal with cinamon and a dash of brown sugar – or maybe a small dollop of honey. Lunch: If you buy lunch NO FRENCH FIRES!!! Go to McDonalds and check the calorie lisintg. Fries almost double the calories of your meal. My choices there? Fish sandwhich, chicken and bacon wrap GRILLED. Even a burger without fries, if a burger you must have, doesn’t have a terrible calorie count without the fries. Wendy’s: get a chili with a sandwhich instead of fries. Hope this helps!

  5. Food prep! I have several friends who prepare their meals for the week. This includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Most folks don’t have time during the week and what ends up happening is we backslide, then the guilt sets in. Go you by the way, nothing makes me happier then when someone wants to take care of themselves for themselves. I like to think I’m generally healthy, but then again I could use more exercise. I’m up for a challenge. I have no weight loss goal, but I’d like to be more tone. Challenge accepted!!!

  6. Id suggest to get rid of those sodas as much as you can as well. Im only 5 foot 5 at 42 and 140 pounds. While I dont consider myself conpletely over weight, I probably could loose about 5-8 pounds myself…and start exercising.

      1. lol! Sprite is my weekness too! I don’t drink caffine drinks, so thats my vice.

  7. Okay… here is a very special suggestion for you from the other side of the Atlantic. Try these: home cooked meals (especially soups, as they retain all the nutrients in the water), aim for 8 glasses of water a day (that is the equivalent of 2 litres aprox.), use plenty of olive oil in your salads and cooking, eat grilled fish or meat, natural fruit juices, a selection of fruits and vegetables every day. Needless to say, cut out completely on processed food, fizzy drinks, sweets, cakes, pizzas………..
    Try some form of exercise. Even if it’s just a 10 or 15 minutes walking around your neighborhood per day.
    And last but not least: practice positive affirmations. And believe in them. Without a positive frame of mind you can do all the diets in the world, however, you wont loose weight, because the body is so connected with the mind, consciously and unconsciously. For this I strongly recommend you to read a lady who is considered by many “the Queen of affirmations”. Her name is Louise L. Hay. Google her name and sure you’ll find her. She’s American and you probably have heard of her.
    I wish you all the best. Your post is so interestingly written. 🙂

  8. A suggestion that worked for me: The TQI Diet, which really isn’t a diet but a program to illicit healthy eating and determine foods that really “work” for your body.
    I started this last January 2014 and continue with a modified version of this lifestyle. It allowed me to drop 25 lbs. I think you are on the right track when you mention ridding yourself of sugars, alcohol, and processed, chemical filled foods.
    None of this is easy by any means and that commute you mention has to be absolutely detrimental to healthy eating.
    Here are a few links if you’re interested.
    http://tqidiet.wordpress.com/ http://toquietinflammation.com/
    Best of luck.

  9. My tip: Don’t fear carbs!!! Fat makes you fat, not carbs. Meat, cheese, and dairy have a lot of saturated fat (Even the lean meats and “low-fat” milks will put on the pounds). Eating more potatoes, rice, pasta, beans, fruits and some veggies will fill you up and keep you satisfied. Just don’t douse them in oil!

    Sounds like you have a great start with cutting processed foods and sugar. It’s a journey edging away from processed stuff and cooking from scratch. But incredibly rewarding!! Good luck!!!

    PS. If you must have sweets, let yourself have something small! And go for a vegan option. Try whipping up some Nicecream (banana ice cream) with a couple of frozen bananas, vanilla extract and cacao powder in a high speed blender (I use a Ninja but a magic bullet works great too!). Top with coconut flakes or granola for an amazing dessert. Best. Ice cream. Ever. You’ll never go back!! Cheers~

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