Online Dating part 2

Six or so days later, as we continued to talk and text over the phone, we finally decided to set up a date night where we could meet for the first time. That day was July 10th, 2013 and we were going to meet up at Pioneer Square in downtown Portland, Oregon. We planned to meet about 545 in the evening, when she was done with school and when I was done with work (as well as my commute into city). Traffic caused me to be a little late, which made allowed me to arrive at about 6pm. I had to park about two blocks away, since there was nothing at Pioneer Square and walk there. When I got there I noticed hundreds of people and figured that it was going to be hard to find her.

Suddenly I noticed this gorgeous blonde in a stunning dress standing all alone right in the middle of the square. I instantly became nervous and walked the perimeter for a bit to calm down before I approached her, also to make sure that it was her. After a few minutes of this, I finally started to walk towards her, quite slowly, from her left side. She did not notice me at first because she was looking down at her phone, most likely waiting for a text from me to let her know where I was. Before I even got half way towards her, she looked up and saw me and instantly smiled ear to ear and at the moment I realized I was the luckiest man in the world, to be in the presence of this angel of a woman. We both also noticed that we were who we’ve been waiting for, the one thatwe have never laid eyes on before. We gave each other a hug and started with a little small talk.

Now, for those who do not know me, when I am nervous, I start to stutter a little. For some reason, my confidence was higher then it has ever been and not a single word that I said stuttered. We had planned nothing prior to this so we walked around the blocks of Portland just talking about whatever came to mind. When we got hungry, we enjoyed a delicious meal from Chipotle where we ordered the same thing. What really caught my attention is she asked for no vegetables, exactly how I order my food. At this moment I knew I was with an angel or that she came from heaven, because at this point, we had everything in common.

Neither one of us finished our food, so we bagged it up to take with us as we continued to walk around some more. We decided that we would find some homeless people and let them have our leftovers instead of just throwing them away. We then decided to go in the direction of the theater and check out what was playing. I can’t remember what we decided on seeing, since there was much more going on in head. After the movie was over, I offered to drive her home and she accepted. We drove across the border of Oregon into Washington and decided to park at a nearby parking lot and go for a night walk down the Columbia River. We then proceeded onto the bridge that we drove over and just walked across it. This took quite awhile and when it was about eleven at night, I decided to finally take her home so that I could get back home and to bed, since I had to be awake at 545am.

That night was so perfect that we even shared the perfect first kiss and I got home at roughly midnight. We obviously agreed to see each other again but didn’t plan anything immediately.


5 thoughts on “Online Dating part 2”

  1. Hello,
    Your story is so beautiful that I feel I have to comment. Both of you are so blessed for having found each other and connected in such a special way. I wish you a dreams come true future.
    May you be well in all 🙂

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