Online Dating

Many people these days have different ways of meeting that perfect someone, that someone that they will spend the rest of their life with. Some go the traditional way and just hope to meet them while crossing paths at the grocery store or somewhere similar or some meet each other in bars while they are with their own friends having a good time. The past decade or so, people have been meeting an entire new way, known as online dating.

There is plenty of people out there that are skeptical about the idea because they are afraid of who they may meet but the best part about it is, you can be picky about who it is and you can talk to them over the internet for as long as you want before you ever meet up. Just make sure you are not giving them your phone number or address until you’re comfortable with it and everything works out greatly, most of the time. Just like meeting in person, sometimes you find out that the one you have met may be a creep or a weirdo, but that is just something you live and learn from. In all honesty though, do not knock it until you try it, and especially, do not let your ego get in the way of trying something that has been successful for thousands of couples. 

You might be asking yourself right now, who paid this guy to write about online dating or which company does he work for. I am writing this on my own free will. Why you ask? 18 months ago I started online dating on a bunch of different free websites and what I found out was the free ones are not the good route to go. Mostly because there are lot of criminals, creeps, weirdos, and other types of people that you do not want to deal with on these. I actually participated on these free dating pages for about five months when I finally got to the point I wanted more out of them and not things you do not want in the long run. I was just sitting one day watching TV and saw this commercial for come on and I was thinking if it really could be different type of online dating if you use a website that you had to pay for. I instantly realized if they are paying for it, then most likely they have a job, a decent one, maybe a college degree, and have their life on track, but I still hesitated with signing up for this. Finally the last thing that went through my mind before I actually paid the $100.00 for a six month membership is “If I am going to find someone that will change my life, $100.00 is something I am more than willing to pay to find that perfect someone.”

One month went by, I met one person out in the actual world to find out that they lied about most of their information, including their looks and their age. I started to think that this was not going to be any different then the other websites. Two months went by and I met two others and those were quite normal but nothing panned out. I guess things didn’t click right from the beginning and you know when it is not going to work. Third month finally came and I was starting to get irritated. I was sending my bio to all these women and getting one response for every twenty. The worse part is my bio was original for the person but it still did not matter. I got so irritated I literally went on the instant messenger function, which was different from their email function and started just saying hi to every single gal online, after I read their bio of course to confirm my interest. I sent about 100 of them in one evening and right when I was done, I got a response! I read so many bio’s in that time that I wasn’t sure what this individual’s bio was about. Before I responded back, I had to do my homework and read the bio again to refresh my memory. After I was done I responded and instantly got a message back and a conversation kicked off. This conversation from the start felt different then any other conversation that I have ever experience in the past. Everything said seemed to just come natural and nothing was forced. After a couple of hours on the instant messenger, I felt comfortable enough to give her my phone number just to text because I was going into my work week and I wanted to stay in contact. I have never given my number out that fast for my own safety but this one, like I said before, seemed different. I logged off messenger saying that I needed to go to bed and sent her a text so that we made sure that the numbers were good.

The night was not over though, we continued to text through the night just going back and forth talking about each other and telling funny jokes and stories to get the other to laugh. The night ended with us actually talking to each other on the phone and I will tell you what, I never heard a voice so sweet and genuine, it truly melted my heart right then and there. We finally ended the night but the conversations did not end there. We continued to talk over text and phone for the next couple of days but we had yet set up a meeting time and place.

I plan on continuing on how this story turned out but do not want to write to much in one setting. Lets just say that it is now eleven months later and I am still with the beautiful, wonderful, stunning, intelligent, genuine, perfect gal. I have no regrets and I can not wait to see what our future holds for the both of us.



9 thoughts on “Online Dating”

  1. Hey there! I am going to age myself – but my love and I met on MySpace (stop laughing), quite by accident! I hope you consider giving my yall’s input (yes, I’m from Texas) on my ABC’s to Genuine Happiness project. Nothing formal – just posting my thoughts as I go, looking for the thoughts and opinions or others. TTYL! (and good luck!)

  2. On-line dating is just the modern version. My parents started writing to each other when my dad was in the Service… she actually met his parents before she met him face to face! And I met my husband in an on-line chat room. We’ve been married since 97, so something worked.

  3. I met my first husband on a online RPG game called Everquest. That was back in 2000. I was living in Canada where I was born and had grown up. We started chatting online and eventually using ICQ (I feel so old lol) A few phone calls were shared as time went on but with 2 hour time difference it was easier for email, game and IM. 2001 I boarded a plane and left the country for the first time and went down to North Carolina to meet him for the first time. We had a good time but there wasn’t that spark, so we parted ways when I went home. We still talked every day and once again things seems to heat up so made another trip in the spring of 2002. This time we knew we wanted to figure out a way to be together. I went back home and made plans to move to the US against all my families dismay. We got married within 3 months. And our love of online gaming moved to World of Warrant in 2006. We were married for 10 years before we realized we had become roommates and not a couple so we separated. Ironically it was my enjoyment of World of Warrant and a good friend that brought me my current husband. I was introduced to him a few years before my marriage failed and we became just friends. But when I separated from my husband my friend was there for me every step of the way. And now we just celebrated 2 years of marriage in February. Its amazing how online has changed the dating world. Didn’t intend to be so wordy I just loved your post and wanted to share my own story.

  4. I never expected to find the “love of my life” on line. My hopes were much more modest, just to find someone that might be interested in going to a movie or to dinner occasionally. I met several ladies, though, who did want the whole “happily ever after” thing, so those never worked out. After several months, and many, many emails, a lady who seemed to want just the same things and I met for coffee on a Saturday afternoon and realized that that we spent over three hours just chatting and laughing. She had a party to go to at a friend’s house, so we went our separate ways, but my only thought was “Gee, she was really easy to talk to. I’ve got to call her again.”
    So I called. The very next day. And it was still very relaxed, no pressure, no expectations, just two people that seemed to fit easily. It was kind of like knowing that everyone that you will meet online will have baggage, and then finding that, happily, you both have matching luggage.
    We just found that both of us felt a lot better when we could spend some time each day talking, even if it was only on the phone. And as we learned more about each other, we never found out anything that would have been a “deal breaker”.
    Not having unrealistic goals for any relationship seems, at least to me, to be crucial to any sort of new relationship. Sometimes meeting new people will work out fairly well, and sometimes it will be more like “Will this night never end and letting me escape?” In my case, I got luckier than I ever imagined.
    If you doubt me, well you could join us in August. We’re having dinner with a few friends for our 10th wedding anniversary. And every single day has been the happiest in my life, even with both of us retired now.

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