ID Theft: My Story

I have not personally done much training on this topic but I do have a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology. I have experienced a few times of what to watch out for when it comes to people trying to steal your identity. Keep in mind that ID Theft is very hard to trace the one that is victimizing you. That being said, a lot of the time when you are a victim of this, and if your bank as no protection, it will become your responsibility to take care of those financial obligations.

I would be the first to express my experience with getting their ID stolen and that was just last year. This was a case of a misplaced credit card and I had over $800.00 in charges to Xbox Live. Thankfully my bank had protection against this and covered all the fees and did the prosecution all themselves. It was a scare but it could have been a lot worse. First thing I learned is if you have to have to have a credit card, make that limit something reasonable so that if it does get stolen, the margin of loss is minimal. It is always nice to have that available loan to grab whenever you need it but in the society we live in, you have to be mindful on how it can negatively effect you as well. Losing your bank cards is probably one of the smallest types of ID Theft and things could get much worse then that criminal having one of your bank cards. They could have more then one card or the ability to sign up for others without you knowing it. 

I just recently had another family member get a phone call from, what they thought, a well known cable company. This family member was expecting an installation later in the week so the phone call was not out of the ordinary. I walked in on this family member talking to this so called cable company and they were giving them their credit card number and SSN. You need to always be cautious about who you are giving this information out to because you never know who you are talking to on the phone or who is listening. This family member found out that this was a scam and now they they have their SSN and Credit card number. The foot work they have to do from this point on to protect them self is outstanding. They had to flag all their bank accounts and even contact all three credit bureau’s and flag any possible activity that looked suspicious. This particular type of crime is called Phishing and if you search ID Theft, you can learn about the dozens of ways that ID theft can happen to you or your family members. I suggest everyone should do this so that they are aware of all types. This will protect you and your family from being a victim of this and is  also something you do not want to experience, if you have not yet. 

These are my stories of ID Theft and I welcome anyone and everyone to leave a comment below about their experience so that people can read and learn about it in every sort of form. If you do so, please be mindful about leaving out names of victims to protect them. Thank you!


One thought on “ID Theft: My Story”

  1. My son wrote a song about that called “Identity Theft” by swo8 Country. Must give it a try myself. It’s a very good topic.

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