Raising the Proper Daughter

Most people do not realize what it means to raise that proper daughter. I am a father of two kids, and yes, my daughter may only be eighteen months old but I will be the first to tell you that as a dad, I know it is my responsibility to make sure that I raise that proper daughter. What I mean by this is that a girl knows how a man should treat her by how her father treats her, and other women, including her mom, if she is around. If you, as a dad, live like a slob, treat women like dirt, disrespect them, she will grow to believe that all men are this way and that this is how she will be treated as well.

These days, chivalry has almost completely disappeared. The reason for this is, is we have forgot that we are the ones that teach chivalry to our children. It is our responsibility to take the time everyday of the week, and teach them what chivalry is and if you do not know what it is exactly, then get with the program and figure it out yourself. I am talking to those that have to go Google search what the word means, but at least you are interested. I am going to tell you though, if you are not aware of what it is, Google will probably not help you because it will most likely refer to the word from the medieval era, 

We need to be showing our kids, especially our daughters, how men should properly treat any woman out there so that they do not get stuck with those dead beat boy friends and husbands like a lot of people out there have. Best thing about those dead beat individuals is that they are that way because they were not taught properly themselves. They did not have that figure in life that was a role model to teach them how to properly be a man. 

All I am saying is teaching your daughter what a gentleman is. Open the door to a restaurant for your ladies, help them in the car, take out the trash, compliment them everyday, treat them with respect, and do not physically and/or mentally abuse them. I work in the criminal justice field and two things that I see often that discuss me to no end is child abuse and spousal abuse. Teach your daughter right and you will never have to look back to wonder if you did everything right, you’ll know by who she grew up to be.  


5 thoughts on “Raising the Proper Daughter”

  1. YOu also need to teach BOTH your children to be strong…not physically all the time (although my dad, bless him, made sure I could defend myself when I needed to), but in confidence and mental awareness. Dad never pushed, he led. Your daughter is lucky you seem to know where to avoid the mistakes.

  2. What a lovely post {and blog}. I bet you are a brilliant Dad to your kids and your daughter will benefit so greatly with an attitude like yours. Thanks also for liking one of my posts. Tori @ Tori Lovell Play Happy. Thank u x

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