Ever wonder if your a protective enough parent?

I will be the first to tell you that if you have kids and you love them with all your heart, there will be no doubt that you will do anything humanly possible to protect them.

I just had an experience this evening that proved to me that you will. My son Andrew decided he wanted to go to bed early and I carried him into his bed and immediately noticed he was very warm, like feverish. I laid him down, asked him if he was feeling well and he said he was okay. The minute I turned my back, he immediately started choking on his own vomit. I know it sounds gross but it is the reality of parenthood. I instantly, without thinking, jumped across the bed and turned him over on his side at which it went all over me… That’s the gross part!! The good thing is that he didn’t choke and was able to fall back asleep after I cleaned him up.

Never in a million years would I have thought I would jump in front of projectile vomit but in this instance, I didn’t even bat an eye. I guess I am a very protective person and would probably have done it for anyone but in general speaking, for our kids, we will do anything. If there is anything that you can think of that you wouldn’t do to protect your child, then you might want to reevaluate something.

Just like that statement we have heard for centuries, “I would take a bullet for my kids” Well I am here to tell you I sure hope so because they are the light of your life and they are your replica. They will grow the way you teach them to grow, they will also learn the way you teach. Take pride in who you introduce them to in your lives and make sure that those people will be great role models.

Another situation that about me being a protective father. After the kid’s mother and I split up in 2012, I spent a good year looking for someone and going on multiple dates to find that role model I would want my kids to learn from. Some may say I moved to fast but if you knew my story, you would understand completely. That person I found has now been in our lives for eleven months and she has been the best role model that I could ever ask for my own two kids.


2 thoughts on “Ever wonder if your a protective enough parent?”

  1. After being a parent for a few years and dealing with sick kids I began thinking about the things that made me truly “feel” like a parent. One that made it on the list was: You know you’re a parent when, you catch your childs throw-up. Been there, done that.

    You’re a great dad. Your children are very lucky. ~ Tilly

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