First day in the grandparents house

So far we are just helping them unpack, setting things up around the house, connecting the internet. The cruddy thing is we found out why the other family only lived here for four months before they moved two houses down. That reason is because of two 200 foot trees in the backyard that prevent any source of cable tv signal to the house. Better yet, they don’t own the property, so they can’t cut them down. They’ve moved to a high end manufactured home in the middle of nowhere. On top of no cable, there is no cell signal but thankfully there is internet.

First thing that happened when we got here was grandma surprised him with his very own little tent, or in home fort.


He and Abby have been playing it the last few hours and I’m sure that thing hasn’t seen the last of them. Andrew even says he wants to sleep in it tonight.

We continued to check out the house and right when I thought Andrew ran out the front door, I found him hiding under the spare bed.


The learning and finding things came to an end and it was officially time to start building things and putting things back together. First was the desks in the office area and Andrew insisted that he help however he could. For a four year old, he actually is pretty good with a screw driver.


I’ve taught him well so far! Next we built the fish tank stand and brought it inside the house. Not much Andrew could help here besides making sure the dogs didn’t get outside. As the night comes to an end for the kids, dinner is served, or brought in from Papa Murphy’s and Subway. Hard day’s work and why not a little pizza to top off the night.



4 thoughts on “First day in the grandparents house”

  1. I have been where you are. Hope everyone settles in. Pizza makes everything right! We once lived where there was no cable and my husband ended up getting a used VCR and videotapes. I think that is when my kids’ love of movies really kicked in. Wish I had a tent like that to “escape” to. :mrgreen:

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