Around the House

Today is going to be quite the laid back day since we still have nothing in the house and very little toys for the kids. Me on the other hand, have nothing to do but sit here on the computer and blog while they play together. They do not like me playing with them, as I get shooed away by Andrew every so often. Nothing puts a smile on your face more when you have two kids that enjoy playing together, mostly. Today the grandparents went back to their old place, to start cleaning it before they have to turn it over. This just leaves me and the kids at the new place while we wait to go to a birthday party later this afternoon where we will meet up with Olivia and celebrate another four year old’s birthday. What I have not told Andrew is that this is a squirt gun party, which I know he is going to go nuts over.

I am sure that some of the struggles we will face today will be getting Andrew to play cooperatively with his younger sister. He likes to bully her around which only lands him in timeout and things being taken away. I am just hoping that he decides to play good this morning so that we can still go to the birthday party this afternoon still.

I am looking forward to this weekend greatly because I will not see them for three weeks after this because I am going out of own on vacation. For those who do not know me, I am into competitive bowling and I will be going down to Reno next week to compete in the National Tournament. Olivia is going with me as well and we have decided to drive down there so that we can go sightseeing on the way down and on the way back.

What we have planned is to drive down from Portland, Oregon through Crater Lake to Reno. Where we stop we do not know, but we intend to just get lost and explore on our way down there. A few other places we intend to stop in Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, and possibly Yosemite National Park. I plan on bringing you all along with me in writing and pictures so that we can share the experience with you. Thanks again for reading along I hope you continue to enjoy.


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